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Yes, we also speak your language!

Here is an important hint to our foreign customers moving to our country and who are interested in buying new furniture; or otherwise would like to purchase pieces of furniture to other places abroad.

We will make an offer in planning, consulting and selling of any kind of furniture completely in English language, if necessary. By request we can manage coordination and arranging with real estate agents and (or) building promoters up to the appointment time of moving in.

European- and worldwide delivery and mounting of furniture and kitchen equipments is possible, if requested.

这是对我们海外客户的重要提示, 如果您即将移居欧洲,并有兴趣购买新家具, 或者想要把在欧洲购买的家具运到世界各处,我们可以和您的房地产经纪人一起管理和协调,根据您计划的入住时间为您的房产提完整的英语家居规划,咨询,销售的服务。


您的中文客户代表: 郭芳 - 电子信箱:

International Desk